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Wednesday, November 29 2017

Remodel Bathroom, Part 2 of 2

Great, all the tile was chiseled off the walls and taken outside in buckets. The cabinets, countertop, sink and wall tile was placed in the truck to be taken to the landfill. Now, it was time to bring in the tile guy to have him give me his opinion. He looked at the walls and said, “you haven’t finished the demo”. I was stunned, I had put in eight hours for the demo, but there was more. Well, some homes built in the 50’s used layer upon layer of concrete on top of a metal screen, called a lath. So, between the studs and tiles there was a layer of concrete, three inches thick on three walls. Now was the time to call in a professional demo crew, again $$$’s that I was not expecting. Oh, and the demo crew took out the cast iron blue tub out, piece by piece shattering it with sledge hammers. By taking out the concrete, the walls had to be finished out. Another call to the carpenter, $$!

I forgot to mention when removing the tile from the walls it created a void under where the window was located. So, a carpenter had to be called in to make a window seal where the tile window seal had been removed. Same story, an additional expense $$ that I had not expected.

Now all tile had been installed on the walls and floor and it looked marvelous. So, the project is coming together. The next stage are the cabinets, sink and countertop.  Cabinets that had been ordered were installed with no problem, but I was beginning to expect the unexpected and true enough, another problem. Evidently, when ordering the cabinets and countertop, the countertop was left off the order. Further delay, but no extra $$ to be spent.

The wedding day was only two weeks out and I discovered a considerable amount of dust in the two bedrooms and adjoining hall. So, a cleaning crew was hired to clean up. More expenses that I did not expect, $$’s.

What a beautiful remodeled bathroom my wife and I now will enjoy for many years to come. So, in closing whenever you remodel an older home be prepared for the unexpected and unseen problems. Thank you for reading this, I am David Shepherd, realtor for Century 21 Hudspeth Properties located in the foothills of North Carolina in Elkin, NC.

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Wednesday, November 29 2017

Renovating an old bathroom Part 1 of 2

Hi, my name is David Shepherd and I am a broker for Century 21 Hudspeth Properties in Elkin, NC. My wife and I decided to renovate/remodel our guest bathroom in anticipation of our daughter, Alice’s wedding in October.  A perfectly good bathroom but outdated with 4x4 blue tiles on the wall, beautiful half inch square multi colored blue tiles, and a blue bathtub. Too many different shades of blue.

The first step was taking a wall paper border off the wall. This should be easy right? No way, I scored it, soaked it, steamed it, used a razor blade to scrape it off nothing would work. Finally, later in the renovation my good friend sanded it off. This would prove to be minor compared to what work that was to begin.

The next step involving demolition. I took out all the drawers and doors and saved for a future project of renovating the barn.  I have seen the guys on HGTV swinging the sledge hammer, but not this guy. I called my plumber and he detached the water to the sink and the bathtub.  $, that I did not plan for. I started by taking the counter top off with a crow bar, easy. I then started using a reciprocating saw to cut through the cabinets and this was quite easy. I don’t consider myself a handyman, but demo I can do. I then ran into a problem with the floor heater that was attached to the cabinet wall. Now I had to call an electrician to disconnect. He came the next day and problem solved. $ that I was not expecting.

So now it was on to removing the tile on the walls. With chisel and a hammer in hand I start removing the tile.  Removing the tile was not as easy as I had seen on HGTV. So now I go to YouTube and do a search on tools to use to remove tile.  There it was, something that looked like a drill called a hammer drill. Looks much easier than the manual labor and much more efficient, so I was off to the Rental Store. $ that I was not expecting again.

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Wednesday, November 08 2017

Home Inspections

Should home buyers get a home inspection before they buy a house?

Absolutely, unless the buyers are expert in all fields such as electrical, plumbing, construction, roofing, well expert, septic systems, etc. A home inspection is imperative on probably the biggest investment that buyers have in their lifetime. 

The Elkin/Jonesville/State Road and the Surry County area has quite a few home inspectors available. The cost ranges from $350-$600 depending upon the square footage or extent of the home inspection. The home inspector typically is not a licensed professional in all fields of expertise in the home, but he does have to have a license to be a home inspector.

A home inspection is an evaluation of what can be seen of the components of the home (plumbing, electrical, roof and others). A home inspection is not an appraisal. A home inspector identifies the problems but does not assess a cost of the repairs. Additionally, the home inspector identifies problems but occasionally a licensed professional should be contacted.

Buyers typically pay for the home inspection, but sometimes sellers will have a home inspection to evaluate any repairs that are necessary. Sellers are sometimes shocked to know they have a problem that they did not know about that needs addressing.

Try to be at the home inspection while it is being performed. And don’t be shocked at the number of pages in the report. It will be at least 25 pages.

Do the smart thing, get your dream home inspected.

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